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Cover Purrfect Way 1A

The Easy Way to Publish & Promote your book

Want to publish and promote your own book?

With my latest book you get plenty of down to earth, doable, practical hints.

My book tells you how to build each and every part of your Author Platform home, and how to tie them all together with your Editorial Content Plan in your social network Promotion Plan.

001 AAA Modern Proverbs Cover 6x9 400dpi X955-1A

More than 500 new proverbs I created with modern themes, for your enjoyment!

Cover Theft of Souls

In this play, Lawrence is charged with the theft of the souls of some of the men he led into battle in Arabia during the First World War. To support the charge, the Prosecutor relies upon Lawrence’s words in his autobiography The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. General Allenby is also called as a witness.

Cover Obelisk Seven

What is the link between ancient obelisks and a microbe that threatens the world’s oil supply? And who is willing to kill to keep the secret?

Cover Cupid's Crescent Final Sept 13

Cupid’s Crescent, a thriller about terrorists kidnapping a banker’s children, and the hunt to find the kidnappers.

LittleTown Combo One Z1

Go with your child on the journey of some small animals to set up their new town far away from humans.
There they now can live in peace and safety with each other. Watch as the LittleTowners fight fires, play together, feel terror together, and learn together.

Cover Small Steps to Bigger Book Sales

Welcome to my latest book, written for authors who wish to better market their books, and for all those who use social media in some form or another.

Based on proven marketing methods, Small Steps to Bigger Book Sales is for every author with books to sell, or anyone who wishes to improve dramatically their participation in social networks.

Cover Silent Lips F1

People inside and outside New York race against time to save the city from a genetically engineered virus created by mistake.
While doctors in the ParkLab in Central Park try everything they can think of to find a cure, the Prime Minister of Israel is smuggled into the stricken city to share its fate, and the President makes the most agonizing decision any US president has ever made.


A realistic, believable story that readers haven’t heard before.
Desire & Prejudice is about the healing power of true lovemaking and the damning power of ethnic bias.
Will love be strong enough to keep them together?

Cover The Euros Notre Dame Point Zero

The Euros: Notre Dame Point Zero, a thriller about hostages being taken in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, and the new European Union supercop unit named The Euros rescuing them; the first of The Euros series.


Kentucky native, Pat, finds an old necklace that gives him ape-like powers. He must use his new powers to track down his abducted girlfriend, Clara, while dodging gun-slinging men along the way. This is a short, sci-fi western, created by Quandary Files author Daryl Peck.

red desolation

Luke must find his fiancé on a mysterious island after their cruise ship suddenly crashes. Luke will battle with creatures and the paranormal, while he discovers the truth of the island.


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Donald Swan

53 / Asheville

Science Fiction

Site Admin and Science Fiction Author
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Glenn Ashton


action, adventure, thrillers, children's stories, epublishing, self publishing

Thriller writer with a side helping of children's books and a play; latest book is a How-To guide for all authors who wish to increase their book sales - SMALL STEPS TO BIGGER BOOK SALES, and the lastest thriller is the story of hostages taken in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, entitled The Euros: Notre Dame Point Zero.
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E.J. Deen

51 / Asheville

Science Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance, Literary Fiction, Fantasy

Award-winning author of over 50 books in multiple genres.
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Jean-Louis McMillan

67 / Asheville

Science Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance, Literary Fiction, Fantasy

Award-winning author of over 50 books in multiple genres.
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Ronelle Antoinette

30 / Grand Junction

fantasy, romance

Award-winning author of over 50 books in multiple genres.
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new age, new thought, inspirational, motivational, relationships, self-help, self-improvement, personal development, body mind spirit, philosophy, psychology, short stories, fantasy, fables, fairy tales, epics, pets, cats

*Feel good   *Live well   *Enjoy life
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Trevor Coote

63 / Papeete

Contemporary fiction

Fictional tales about London life, mostly during the 1960/70s.

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