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new age, new thought, inspirational, motivational, relationships, self-help, self-improvement, personal development, body mind spirit, philosophy, psychology, short stories, fantasy, fables, fairy tales, epics, pets, cats

*Feel good   *Live well   *Enjoy life
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Donald Swan

53 / Asheville

Science Fiction

Site Admin and Science Fiction Author
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Mike Bove



Everything you can imagine is real.-Pablo Picasso
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Luana Ehrlich

68 / Norman

Christian fiction, Thrillers, Romance, Mystery, Suspense

I'm Luana Ehrlich, author of Titus Ray Thrillers.
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Charles Heath

63 / Springwood

Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Crime

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fantasy, general fiction, young adult, Christian

Young Adult/ Fantasy/ Fiction
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Angus Rose

48 / Manchester


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Fantasy, Young Adult

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KT Bryan


Romantic suspense, suspense, thriller, comedy, romantic comedy, romance

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Trevor Coote

63 / Papeete

Contemporary fiction

Fictional tales about London life, mostly during the 1960/70s.
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Lary Crews

69 / Reno

Mystery, Nonfiction, Near-Future Science Fiction

Lary Crews of Reno NV published his first book, a free verse book called Quietly, I Reply, in 1979. It was reprinted in 2016. (Only one R in Lary, just like in vocabuLARY.) Editor of three weekly newspapers before 1980, he began a professional writing career in 1984, when he got his first computer. In 1986, he started writing mystery
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Welcome! I'm looking forward to connecting with you!
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Greg Pierce

56 / Paris

Non fiction, Advice, How To, Gardening, Lawns, Surviving Cancer

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New York

Literary historical fiction; LGBT

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Peter Hill

79 / Christchurch

Thrillers, Suspense, Futuristic, Police, Murder, Pandemic, Detective,

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S M Mala


Romance, Contemporary, Humour, Fiction, Adult

Storyteller of contemporary, romantic, humorous adult fiction
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Monte Kline


Non-Fiction, Health, Religion & Spirituality

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Children's Fiction

Children's Fiction Award-Winning Author    
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E.J. Deen

51 / Asheville

Science Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance, Literary Fiction, Fantasy

Award-winning author of over 50 books in multiple genres.
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Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

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Young Adult

The Art of Raising Hell was voted Best Young Adult Novel of 2015 from
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Charles W. Jones

46 / Aurora

horror, paranormal, suspense, thriller

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Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Suspense,

Hello readers. Welcome to my page. I will share all current info on my books as they happen. Thank you for visiting the page. Write a comment if you want. Would love to hear from you. Marie

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ThreeWeeksWashingtonLuana Ehrlich

As Titus pursues Jihadi terrorists planning to attack the nation’s capital, he exposes an Iranian general obsessed with destroying America and uncovers an Iranian deep-cover operative with close ties to America’s leaders.


David is a man troubled by a past he is trying to forget.
Susan is rebelling against a life of privilege and an exasperated mother who holds a secret that will determine her daughter’s destiny.
They are two people brought together by chance. Or was it?


In a twist of fate Ben discovers his wife, Charlotte, is having an affair. Given a chance to explain, she lies, forcing Ben to question everything he thought he knew about his wife.


It is said ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’. The question is, which one is Zoe?


What happens when your past finally catches up with you?


It was the opportunity of a lifetime, the one every junior executive would sacrifice anything for. With the offer on the table, Harry had only to accept. Why, then, did he hesitate …





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