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A dark, spiritual journey down a path of searching for freedom in the midst of pain.


A fed up housewife who’s turned to stealing. New neighbors that are old love rivals. A disconnected and aloof husband. How do aliens, psychedelic plant hybrids, and a posh LA spa fit in?


Grizzled and worn out Information Aggregator Hurst Chisholm is on his last case. With his love, the aliens she hunts, and the Yakuza doctor trying to kill him all fighting for his attention, it’s well past his time to retire. Featuring needle-injected time travel, can Hurst actually handle his final assignment?


The greatest game show host ever is kidnaped by lost alien cult-members, who then convert 30 years of game show memories into a religion that they then in turn use to enslave their star system.


A young man, jaded by the glitz and glam of being a Luchador Gangster, must chose between his “friends” and a mysterious woman when a rash of brutal murders affecting high-level gang members breaks out. Meanwhile, the city’s kingpin, Xavier El Burro, is using his Lucha Libre empire as a honey pot; seeking out his lost progeny in order to harvest his organs…


Containing Episodes 1-3, this is the world builder that started it all. In 2115 The UN takes notice of the inability of its member states to properly govern their people. Riots, protests, and political assassinations have led up to a catastrophic event in the 53rd state, the San Francisco Bay Area, which forced the UN to step in.
Now the war is over and countries loyal to their UN membership have recovered and are on the rise. This series tours the globe, giving readers insight into the bizarre goings-on now that 70% of the planet lives under one government.
Plant hybrids, masked gangsters, time travel, super science. All stories in this series connect and shed light on each other.


Three senior citizens, on an agreed up and measured descent into madness, team up and begin questioning the true nature of their city-sized retirement community after a shared dream results in real-world bruises.


The third and last novel of the Perilous Times series. It goes through the last three and a half years of Tribulation into and a little bit after Armageddon.


The Great Deception is book 2 in the Perilous Times series. It goes through the first three and a half years of the Tribulation.


In the novel, Christians are hunted down, a race war in the U.S. might happen, and an artificially created virus spreads across the world.

KLEP coverEdited

KLEPTOMANIAC, Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway is a trek through the pages of the Bible to find the untwisted truth about the centuries-old teachings on tithes and offerings. Every page of this book has information that will make you become an analyst in getting to the bottom line of what tithing is in the Old and New Testament. It takes you on a journey to first define the word tithe and then breaks down the differences between giving and tithing as the Bible instructs.

Defender of the Faithful - Small Cover

Medieval murder comes to the small town of Loxley. James’s suspicions lead to an arrest, but have they caught the right man? With God’s help, James must see that justice is done.


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Donald Swan

53 / Asheville

Science Fiction

Site Admin and Science Fiction Author
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Trevor Coote

63 / Papeete

Contemporary fiction

Fictional tales about London life, mostly during the 1960/70s.
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Contemporary fiction

Back Kicks And Broken Promises
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E.G. Cassady

51 / New York

Fiction, Supernatural, Drama, Horror

Hi, I'm E.G. Cassady, author of Wings of Desperation, the Wings book series and Memphis Sultry Train blog.
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self-help, personal growth, personal development, relationships, inspirational, motivational, fables, short stories, magical tales, epics, social commentary, reflections

*Feel good   *Live well   *Enjoy life
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Non-Fiction, Religious, Christian

Hello everyone, Glad to in the number and sharing my new book, Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?
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Inejiro Koizumi

32 / San Leandro

Science Fiction, New Adult

An existentialist, conceptual, Creator, and Culinary Scientist w/ a mental residence in 日本。 Writer for The BrownMark Show podcast and The Luxarium.
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Cliff Ball


christian fiction, science fiction

Christian Indie Author
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Corey Holst

Garden Grove

Historical Fiction, Action/Adventure, Young Adult

I write the kind of books that I like to read.  Stories that take you to another time or place with enough details to clearly see the story unfold before your eyes.    Fiction becomes a journey for your mind that you could never take in person, for imagination is the ultimate playground.  
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fantasy, general fiction, young adult, Christian

Young Adult/ Fantasy/ Fiction
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Mike Bove



Everything you can imagine is real.-Pablo Picasso
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Everything you can imagine is real.-Pablo Picasso
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Elizabette Remon

54 / Cottonwood


Everything you can imagine is real.-Pablo Picasso
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Daryl Peck


Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction, Short Story, Novella

Everything you can imagine is real.-Pablo Picasso
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Glenn Ashton


action, adventure, thrillers, children's stories, epublishing, self publishing

Thriller writer with a side helping of children's books and a play; latest book is a How-To guide for all authors who wish to increase their book sales - SMALL STEPS TO BIGGER BOOK SALES, and the lastest thriller is the story of hostages taken in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, entitled The Euros: Notre Dame Point Zero.
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E.J. Deen

51 / Asheville

Science Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance, Literary Fiction, Fantasy

Award-winning author of over 50 books in multiple genres.
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Jean-Louis McMillan

67 / Asheville

Science Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance, Literary Fiction, Fantasy

Award-winning author of over 50 books in multiple genres.
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Ronelle Antoinette

30 / Grand Junction

fantasy, romance

Award-winning author of over 50 books in multiple genres.

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