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  • How Do I Change My Author Photo?
    Donald Swan01-03-2016

    One of three ways.

    1. Log in and choose "Change Profile Photo" from the member admin area.


    2. Log in and go to your profile. Click on Profile under your picture and then Change Profile Photo under that.


    3. Log in and go to your profile. Put your mouse over your profile picture and click Change Photo.

    AvatarCropSmall2You will be able to upload and crop your avatar (picture). Cropping your image is simple. Once the image is uploaded, it will be displayed with a dotted line box in front of it. Drag the corners of the box to change the size. Drag the center of the box to re-position it. The smaller image on the right will display what your avatar will look like. When the box is where you want it, click the Crop button. (You may need to put the cursor where you want the upper left corner and hold the mouse button while dragging the mouse to select the section you want.)

  • How Do I Edit My Profile?
    Donald Swan01-03-2016

    One of two ways.

    1. Log in and choose "Edit Profile" from the member admin area. (See below for editing sections.)


    2. Log in and go to your profile. Click on Profile under your picture and then Edit under that.

    Editing Specific Profile Sections

    Once in the edit profile section click on the section you wish to edit. (See red boxes below.) *Some sections are only available to Pro Account Holders.

    Available Sections:

    1. Base (Name, Birthdate)
    2. Hello (Shows in list and profile. One of the first things people see.)
    3. Author Details (General author info.)
    4. Bio
    5. Social Links
    6. Praise (Reviews etc.)
    7. Video (Shows on Profile)


  • How Do I Add My Books
    Donald Swan01-03-2016

    Go to your member admin and click the link "Add A Book To Database." This will take you to the form to add a book. The form can also be found here: *You must be logged in and have a Pro Author Account to add books.

  • Does It Cost Anything To Be Listed?
    Donald Swan02-03-2016

    Yes. There is a one time fee of $5 to add an author profile. To be a Pro Member the cost is $30.

    Pro members have the following advantages:

    • Add All of Your Books to Our Database!
    • Add Social Links to Profile!
    • Add Video to Profile!
    • Add Reviews to Profile!
    • Create Public and Private Groups!
    • Start Forums!
    • Add Articles!
    • Add Events!
    • Send Tweets To Our Followers!
    • More!

    We send member's activity to multiple Twitter and other social accounts for additional visibility.

  • Why Do You Charge To Add An Author Profile?
    Donald Swan02-03-2016

    We charge a nominal one time fee of $5 to add yourself to our database. Why?

    1. We don't use distracting ads to finance our site.
    2. It helps pay for the hosting and bandwidth. (It can cost hundreds of dollars a month for a fast sever necessary for a high traffic website.)
    3. It helps with development of new additions to the site.
    4. It helps us find more ways to promote you. We are constantly working to get your book seen in the fast changing landscape of book sales.
    5. It really keeps the spammers out.

    For full access a Pro account is required.

  • Why Does My Profile Change Postions In The List?
    Donald Swan03-03-2016

    Generally, listings are displayed in order of recently active. This means that when you log in and use the site, your listing moves to the top. The more often you are active (Logged in, posting to groups, updates, articles, events, tweets, etc.) the more visible you are. (Your activity is also sent to Twitter and other social networks as well.)

  • How Do I Join?
    Donald Swan08-03-2016
    1. There is a "Signup" button at the top, right-hand side of the site. Click that and submit the registration form. You will be registered as a visitor.
    2. Once registered and logged in you should automatically be directed to the Member Admin page. Click the link on that page to upgrade to an author.




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