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Bitter Wild

Jennie Leigh

A federal agent from the city meets his match in a feisty mountain guide when he follows a psychotic killer to rural Montana and is forced to seek her help tracking him down before more blood is spilled.

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Book Description

Special Agent Jack Hall was about as much a city boy as any man could possibly be. The closest he'd ever come to nature was a trip to the zoo. Then he and his partner tracked a psychotic killer on a multi-state killing spree to a tiny town nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Their fugitive had run into some of the wildest and most remote territory in the nation, and unlike Jack, he was completely at home in the woods, which left Jack in the uncomfortable position of having to rely on a civilian for help.

Casey Nolan knows the woods surrounding her hometown better than anyone else in the world does. She'd roamed them her entire life, living and breathing the wildness until it was a part of her soul. She never imagined that anything could keep her out of the woods she loved so much, until a terrible tragedy took the life of the man she loved and left her scarred both physically and emotionally. Suddenly, the wilderness that she has always loved is no longer a place she can bring herself to visit. Her confidence is in shreds, until Jack Hall comes crashing into her life, demanding that she help him hunt down a psychotic killer.

Casey wants to tell him no. She doesn't trust him. She knows damn well that he and his partner will be worse than useless in the wild. They're city through and through. However, she finds herself reluctantly agreeing to guide them because she knows she won't be able to live with herself if the lunatic they're after somehow survives long enough to shed more blood.

Jack and Casey form an uneasy partnership as they embark on a manhunt in a world that Jack had barely even realized existed. Danger surrounds them constantly, from the wildlife, the weather, and the killer they're hunting. If they want to survive, they’ll have to learn to trust each other while struggling to resist the mutual attraction that hit them the moment their eyes met for the first time.


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