Our Amplified Earth, Volume 1

Inejiro Koizumi

Containing Episodes 1-3, this is the world builder that started it all. In 2115 The UN takes notice of the inability of its member states to properly govern their people. Riots, protests, and political assassinations have led up to a catastrophic event in the 53rd state, the San Francisco Bay Area, which forced the UN to step in.
Now the war is over and countries loyal to their UN membership have recovered and are on the rise. This series tours the globe, giving readers insight into the bizarre goings-on now that 70% of the planet lives under one government.
Plant hybrids, masked gangsters, time travel, super science. All stories in this series connect and shed light on each other.

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Book Description

Episode 1: Hijo De Xavier (Javier):
Manolo is a young man living in the post-war paradise of Mexico City, the capital of the Mexican Empire. Xavier El Burro is the imposing titan who brought
lucha libre back to a war-weary Mexico and won the hearts and minds of the entire population. It's through this lucha libre, however, that Xavier is using
his money from hybridized narcotics to pull the marionette strings necessary to search for a rumored progeny. Manolo and his friends see the elevated
quality of life maintained by Xavier's men and actively strive to enter his ranks. After several high-profile gangster/luchadores wind up dead though,
Manolo begins to have second thoughts about joining the largest cartel and lucha libre consortium in the Mexican Empire. Will Manolo choose to serve
Xavier? Who is murdering Xavier's men? Will Xavier find his son?

Episode 2: The Horvitz Hour:
Dan "The Host Man" Carpentier is the host and MC of the most popular game show in the American Territories. The Horvitz Hour, which lasts about three
hours, presents contestants with random scenarios and situations intermingled with voted-on crowd favorites, such as The Orb of Contusions... One day, Dan
vanishes while filming an episode. Seven years later, Dan reappears with a beard, a DVD, and a story. On a Dixieland river boat chugging along the hot
Mekong river in Scotch-Vietnam, a young man approaches Dan, having recognised him from several years back. Dan begrudgingly regales him and a growing
audience with the story of his whereabouts. Does anybody believe his fantastic tale? Do you?

Episode 3: ZZZ (The Triple Zed Project):
Lloyd Gypsum is tired. Having served in the UN World Military in a little-known theater dubbed the Third Opium War --fought exclusively in the South China
Sea-- Lloyd now finds himself in a retirement community built specifically for those in that theater of war. Lloyd is friends with his gunner, Stanley
Hillis, and has a crush on another senior veteran, Liz Camden from Britannia. Life is good in Everdale. The UN World Government takes care of their former
soldiers. One morning, Lloyd wakes with a few cuts and bruises. Unable to explain their origin, Lloyd chalks it up his recent spate of insomnia and
subsequent sleepwalking. But when Stanley Hillis informs Lloyd that he watched him injure himself from within Lloyd's dream, he and Lloyd begin
re-examining the world around them, revealing the true nature of their retirement.


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