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Silent Lips

Glenn Ashton

People inside and outside New York race against time to save the city from a genetically engineered virus created by mistake.
While doctors in the ParkLab in Central Park try everything they can think of to find a cure, the Prime Minister of Israel is smuggled into the stricken city to share its fate, and the President makes the most agonizing decision any US president has ever made.

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Book Description

This book is dedicated to all who have visited or lived in the wonderfully vibrant city of New York, the premier city of our world.

During one of my visits to the city I was walking in Central Park when the thought struck me: What if something happened and this huge, bustling, energetic city was forced to shut its borders, to keep people inside and stop people entering?

That thought stayed with me for several visits until one day I sat down, pen in hand, and sketched out the story of Silent Lips.

It is the story of New York struck by a mysterious disease which forces the President to blockade the city. Nothing can leave; nothing can enter.

What is this disease? Where did it come from? Who made it? Can it be stopped? Is there time?

I thought of men and women inside the quarantined city, fighting to find the answer to the mysterious sickness that rages in the city, while still more men and women from all over the world volunteer to come to the city on one-way tickets to help it fight for its survival.

This is the story of a young man with a mission, a battered old VW Rabbit, and of scribblings in his tattered blue notebooks.

It is the story of the Prime Minister of Israel, smuggled into the city to share its suffering.

It is the story of President Charles Stanton, faced with the most anguishing decision a U.S. President has ever had to make.

It is the story of a young reporter, Naomi Jacobs, who is asked by the Governor to tell the world of New York's desperate fight and who ends up having to fight for her life.

Above all, this is the story of the people inside and outside the city who watch with anguish the mounting crisis.


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