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A group for authors and readers about how books (conventionally published or self-published) may best be marketed. Topics will cover designing Author Platforms, Book Marketing Plans, Getting Reviews, Helping Independent Authors and many more.

Do you need a Clan of Readers? The Million-Book Self-Published author thi

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    The aim of your book marketing plan is to identify your Target Readers, design means to reach them, persuade some of them to become members of your Clan of followers, and then to convert some of your Clan into your Brand Ambassadors.

    Let’s start by considering how one self-published author, John Locke, achieved this through his promotion plan.

    Who is John Locke?

    Locke sold 1 million eBooks in 5 months, after taking time to study how the Kindle and Amazon markets work. A millionaire at 28, he bought an insurance company and later sold it; he then started writing books part time. At first he had little success selling eBooks, with 5 books written and very few sales in the first 8 months (highest sales were 27 copies in one month).

    Then his new method kicked in, and everything changed.

    His analysis of the eBook market made him conclude that if you chose your audience properly, knew what they wanted, and provided it to them, then the key battle was to get your targets to read about your book, and if you did this, some (perhaps even 10%) might buy it.

    Essence of the John Locke – Rabid Fans:

    His book has several concrete plans about how to go about preparing your business plan – just a few of them are worth the price you will pay for his eBook.

    Check out his Amazon Author site and make sure you read some of the many comments under the Reviews section of his books – some like him, some do not. Follow his blog and follow him on Twitter.

    He came up with a method of marketing eBooks that helped him sell a million eBooks in his series; he calls it Loyalty Transfer.

    This is Locke’s view of fans: you should aim at collecting rabid fans.

    His plan has four main elements:
    • Have a Plan
    • Know your Target Audience
    • Take a Business Approach, and
    • Use your tools (books, website, Twitter, blog) properly.

    Locke writes that the basic tools you need are a book, a website, a Twitter account and a blog. You just have to learn how to use them properly.

    Hints on Promotion from John Locke:

    His advice on your focus as a self-published author is short and sweet: your job is to find your target readers, to write for them, and to turn them into what he calls guaranteed buyers of your coming books.

    And the crux of his approach is summed up in two words – Who and How: he writes with his target audience in mind, and he knows how to find them. This comes through loudly and clearly in his book.

    He spends the time to build up his grass roots movement of fans, and builds his following one contact at a time. Those fans then spread the word to their friends and so on.

    Have YOU got any hints for Indie writers about how to go about forming their very own Clan of readers?

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