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    An existentialist, conceptual, Creator, and Culinary Scientist w/ a mental residence in 日本。 Writer for The BrownMark Show podcast and The Luxarium.

Books by This Author:


HATEBAKE; Our Amplified Earth, Episode 7

A fed up housewife who’s turned to stealing. New neighbors that are old love rivals. A disconnected and aloof husband. How do aliens, psychedelic plant hybrids, and a posh LA spa fit in?


This Little Piggy; Our Amplified Earth, Episode 5

Grizzled and worn out Information Aggregator Hurst Chisholm is on his last case. With his love, the aliens she hunts, and the Yakuza doctor trying to kill him all fighting for his attention, it’s well past his time to retire. Featuring needle-injected time travel, can Hurst actually handle his final assignment?


The Horvitz Hour; Our Amplified Earth, Episode 2

The greatest game show host ever is kidnaped by lost alien cult-members, who then convert 30 years of game show memories into a religion that they then in turn use to enslave their star system.


Hijo De Xavier; Our Amplified Earth, Episode 1

A young man, jaded by the glitz and glam of being a Luchador Gangster, must chose between his “friends” and a mysterious woman when a rash of brutal murders affecting high-level gang members breaks out. Meanwhile, the city’s kingpin, Xavier El Burro, is using his Lucha Libre empire as a honey pot; seeking out his lost progeny in order to harvest his organs…


Our Amplified Earth, Volume 1

Containing Episodes 1-3, this is the world builder that started it all. In 2115 The UN takes notice of the inability of its member states to properly govern their people. Riots, protests, and political assassinations have led up to a catastrophic event in the 53rd state, the San Francisco Bay Area, which forced the UN to step in.
Now the war is over and countries loyal to their UN membership have recovered and are on the rise. This series tours the globe, giving readers insight into the bizarre goings-on now that 70% of the planet lives under one government.
Plant hybrids, masked gangsters, time travel, super science. All stories in this series connect and shed light on each other.


ZZZ (The Triple Zed Project); Our Amplified Earth, Episode 3

Three senior citizens, on an agreed up and measured descent into madness, team up and begin questioning the true nature of their city-sized retirement community after a shared dream results in real-world bruises.